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What is a good price to charge to mow a lawn?

i have a front and back yard. my lawn mower stopped working and now im in a bind need lawn mowed asap. I stay in dallas tx near hampton and fortworth ave. please help.

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7 Responses to “What is a good price to charge to mow a lawn?”

  1. yaska said :

    You need to give more details such as size of lawns, if person mowing has to use own equipment and power ie gas, if they have to weed whack etc. Check to make sure you have oil in your lawn mower or get some nice man to look at it for you. It probably won’t need much and you can still do your lawn yourself.

  2. John Henry said :

    It all depends on how much lawn you have.And you don’t know that?

  3. ANTI-CHRIST said :

    How much you pay is dependent on the size of the lawn. You should pay according to that factor as well as will the mowers be using their own gas and tools.

  4. Hope said :

    $10.00 for a regular lawn, for just mows.

  5. kitty_b said :

    How long does it usually take to mow your lawn? Multiply this number by the going rate for a local teenager to do odd jobs ($10 per hour in our area).
    Hope that helps – I know it can be difficult to figure out what is a fair rate! 🙂

  6. rrm38 said :

    As a general rule, I would say $20/hour if a neighborhood kid is doing it and it’s a smaller lawn. If you hire a professional service, it will probably range between $30-$50/hour depending on the level of service. There’s a retired gentleman in my neighborhood who charges a flat $40 for “the works”, but they’re all pretty much postage stamp lawns. If you can, ask around your neighborood… I’m sure someone will have a recommendation.

  7. cristanine said :

    When your lawnmower stopped was it because you hit a rock cutting grass?
    If you did hit a rock you sheered the timing key under the fly wheel.


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