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What is a garden gnome ?

Garden gnomes are small clay statues of gnomes used for garden decoration. Gnomes, which have been a popular item since the early 19th century, are whimsical long-bearded creatures that supposedly bring good luck to people and their homes.

Garden gnomes are made using various materials, including concrete, ceramic, plastic or stoneware, which largely affects the prices of these decorations. Plastic-made gnomes come as the cheapest with prices ranging from $20 to $40. However, if you want stone garden gnomes, expect to spend hundreds of dollars. Most department stores, gardening stores and discount marts sell garden gnomes in different sizes and materials.

Most garden gnomes are stolen from gardens as a practical joke. Those who routinely steal these gnomes claim that the gnomes need to become “liberated” by sending them in various locations worldwide, taking pictures of the gnomes and sending the photos back to the original owners. Many people who own garden gnomes are aware of this practical joke and enjoy a good laugh, while others are not amused by it.

Although these whimsy garden ornaments have been originally used plainly as a lawn decoration, they are now being used in advertising travel agencies and websites. Many gardening catalogs include a wide variety of gnomes for your gardening pleasure.

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