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What is a down comforter ?

Down comforters look like fluffy quilts, but are typically filled with down feathers from duck or geese, hence its name. Unlike other materials, down is extremely light, warm and soft, making these types of comforters popular as beddings. Authentic down feathers do not have a hard shaft and has the ability to hold body heat without keeping moisture, making it distinct to other types of feathers.

A down comforter is typically labeled using its respective “fill weight” and “fill power”. Fill weight is a rating that measures the bulk weight used in making the comforter. On the other hand, fill power is a rating that determines the quality of down feathers used. When down feathers are washed, an ounce is measured to determine the space it occupies, usually rated in cubic inches. Highly expensive down rates over 700 cubic inches, standard down rates around 500, while down with lesser quality rates around 300. Generally, the higher rating a down comforter has, the fluffier it would be and the more warmth it could provide.

Sewn-through or Baffle-boxing stitching is commonly used in evenly distributing the feathers within a down comforter. Comforters made using sewn-through stitches, which are less expensive, usually produce a quilt-like look of pockets to hold the feathers in place. Unfortunately, since this kind of stitching prevents insulation, expect the comforter to be less fluffy.

Baffle-boxing stitching keeps the fluffiness of the comforter because the boxes created hold down the inner compartments. However, be aware that even down comforters made this way can shift over time. Regardless of stitching used, keeping a down comforter can be great way of keeping warm at night during cold seasons.

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