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What does covering a lawn with sand/dirt do?

I have a lumpy lawn in Florida and need to level it out. I’ve seen people cover their lawns with a layer of sand and heard of people sprinkling sand on their lawns. Is it a good way to level a lawn without resodding? Is there any other benefit sand gives to a lawn? What kind of sand/dirt is best to do this? Thank you.

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5 Responses to “What does covering a lawn with sand/dirt do?”

  1. nagitar said :

    Leveling won’t help unless you put dirt and sand under a lawn. Sand on the other hand allows the lawn to hold more water and is spacious enough to allow for growth and air to the roots.

  2. delarosa74868 said :

    mine was like that after laying sod. i waited about a month, then got on my lawn mower, lowered the deck all the way down and shaved the high spots. after the grass gets high enough to mow again, mow at your normal height. you will never see the humps after that.
    or if you wanna do it the other way, get “sandy loom”, we use it on or job sites.

  3. norm said :

    Yes, you can do that. I have done it in my yard. I just used dirt.

    The grass grows up to the new level and you don’t have to re-sod or re-seed. You can only put an inch or so of dirt on at a time then let the grass find its new level. I had some places I had to raise almost a foot. I did it gradually over a whole summer & my lawn looked fine all the time.

  4. bconehead said :

    It does work without all the efforts of resodding. Also if done over a period of time it improves drainage. beach sand works just fine.

    I have seen sand applied t golf course greens to condition them.

    In our country, Eastern Oregon we add it in the fall shortly after the lawn goes dormant. This is assurance that we do not suffocate the lawn.

    (In the winter, the roots continue to work)

  5. scoobyd3 said :

    To answer the question of sand/dirt benefits. Sand will help with drainage. It will help moisture get deeper so your roots go deeper as well. Dirt over top of turf will help to break down your thatch naturally, so you get the nutrient benefits from grasscycling (grasscycling is process of leaving your clipping so natural decay of plant give nutrients back to the soil)

    One common problem that causes the “bumps”, besides not leveling and grading properly, is leaving the soil too loose when seeding or sodding. This leave the soil suseptable (sp) to erosion and foot traffic. Tamper down the soil a little before placing seed or sod.


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