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What do you do when you have just finished a hard days gardening?

I like to empty my sack on the compost heap

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6 Responses to “What do you do when you have just finished a hard days gardening?”

  1. sunflowers said :

    I think the toilet would be better, but I guess there is a lot of nitrogen in pee and also it is sterile, but you should dilute it in water before putting it on the crops.

  2. mailladyrt2 said :

    That sounds a little suspicious! lol I usually kick back with a cold adult beverage!

  3. mmahavik said :

    yes human urine is high in nitrogen, but it so contaminated with chemicals and preservatives, it can’t be good for crops.It does help keep vermin away,but some of the toxins can stay in the compost for years!If you eat a healthy, organic diet,I would say go ahead spray away! But the average American diet is garbage and that can’t be good for the green idea or YOU!

  4. kathy_ said :

    What would Bob Flowerdew say?

  5. FeralSpirit said :

    After I have cleaned up and put everything where it needs to be, I do a walk-through and then sit back and admire my work.

  6. Nature Girl said :

    i put my shovels and stuff away and sit on the deck with my dogs and listen to the birds, or i go to the pond


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