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What do other parents recommend as far as carpet goes?

I have a rambuncious toddler that comes with spills and other messes 🙂 I also have a husband who is a crane mechanic and usually comes home covered in grease, lol. And now as you can tell I have another on the way. Our carpets are awful and need to be replaced. What do other parents recommend for a house with a greasy hubby, a messy (but sweet) toddler and a newborn on the way? Perhaps one that does not stain easily or is easy to clean?

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7 Responses to “What do other parents recommend as far as carpet goes?”

  1. extex_cop said :

    Put in hardwood floors ( laminate flooring )…easier to clean. Then get the toddler some knee pads…lol… You can always buy space rugs if you really need some carpet. When they get dirty you roll them up…take them out to driveway…soap them down…scrub them with stiff brush or broom….rinse a couple of time…hang over fence to dry…then bring it back into house….repeat when needed.

  2. Rae said :

    i dont really have an answer…but i want you to know…im in the same shoes lol my husband is a heavy equipment mechanic too(cranes, man-lifts, forklifts, etc) and he now takes his shoes off at the door lol and my 2 year old nephew is messy too! i bought one of those little bissel spot removers, and it works good, but were probably gonna have to give up on getting our security deposit back on this apt haha sorry im not much help…but youre not alone!

  3. Mozz said :

    I have decided I have to call you Mack for the duration of your pregnancy. Which, fortunately for you, is about to end. What kind of friend would I be if I let you live that down so soon? And what are you doing here anyway? We had a deal. Friday at 5am. Beat it!

    I decided some time ago, not to spend more than I’m willing to lose on furniture, carpets, curtains, etc. In about 12-15 years I’ll be able to fill my home with top of the line items, maybe even WHITE! But for now, I get to yard sales early for the best pickins’. That way I’m only disappointed, not self-combusting, when cranberry juice spills on it. The only time we eat in the living room is if we’re having a family movie night or something special.

  4. Sari said :

    There are 2 things I would recommend. #1: Have EVERYONE remove their shoes at the door. We do this in our home, and I have yet to see a guest that seemed annoyed by the request. Also, it is far healthier for your children, as they generally play on the floor.
    #2 Restrict all food to the kitchen and have linoleum, tile or wood flooring of some type in there for easy clean up of spills and messes.
    When you do get new carpet, those 2 suggestions will help keep it cleaner and staying like new longer. Also, there are many types that are strong and easy to clean. Shop around and have fun choosing your new carpet!

  5. staathommom said :

    My husband often has mud on his boots and my grandson spills a lot. I have a carpet cleaner called, Hoover Steam Vac Deluxe. It really does a good job, its easy to use and I bought it second hand. Even if you choose to buy new carpet, you will still have the same messes (soon, even more).

  6. ginschaos said :

    Hardwood floors – the only way to go …

  7. EvilWoman0913 said :

    Laminate is good for little ones and greasy husbands. We put a rustic pine laminate in the house 3 years ago and it’s been so much easier to care for than the carpet that was here previously. I’ll never have carpet again if there’s any way around it………


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