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What causes small holes in the front of my shirts?

the holes are in the same spot and its only my clothes and I dont use bleach.
What causes small holes in the front of all of my shirts right at the belly button (no jewelery) and I dont use bleach and it just my clothes nobody elses. Looks like something is eating them and i dont have moths. Can you see moths?

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4 Responses to “What causes small holes in the front of my shirts?”

  1. Taylor said :

    it is moths… causing holes, you can buy mothballs, or just close your windows at night.

  2. rich said :

    Moths lay eggs and moth larvae eat holes throughout the garment, not just in one area. Mostly wool. I’ve never seen moth damage in anything else.

    The holes in my shirts at the belly are because I get splattered a little by battery acid when I service the car. but that’s not likely for most people who never open the hood of their own car. Do you get acid from another source? The holes don’t appear instantly, so it is hard to associate the damage with the origin.

  3. gas man said :

    battery acid from a car battery,,quit leaning over the battery to ck oil,m u getr the drift

  4. Mediator said :

    Used to have that same phenomenon back in the 1970s. Burning seeds popping out of ye old spliff. They don’t have seeds anymore, do they?


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