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What brands of daily commodities do you use besides Head and Shoulders and Colgate?

I guess you may use Head and Shoulders to wash your hair and Colgate to brush your teeth. What brands of other daily commodities do you use?
Say, what brand of washing powder or bar of soap do you use?

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6 Responses to “What brands of daily commodities do you use besides Head and Shoulders and Colgate?”

  1. commanderx777 said :

    interesting question but I’ll answer …I use colgate with the little mouthwash beads to brush my teeth.
    I use pantene shampoo to wash my hair
    old spice swagger to wash my body
    arm and hammer laundry soap,liquid.
    bounce awakenings dryer sheets
    dawn dish soap and cascade with dawn dishwasher pods
    hmm…listerine mouthwash..
    degree silver ice deodorant
    that’s about all I can think of for daily use..
    oh and if I am going out at night on a date or somewhere I use cool water cologne.

  2. Doc "N" said :

    I don’t wash cloths, that’s why I have a wife.
    I don’t wash dishes, that why I have kids.
    I don’t wash my car, that’s why I have a car wash.
    I do use Irish Spring soap, chew Big Red gum, drink Sam Adams beer,
    The wife uses Tide laundry soap and kids use Palmolive for dish washing.

  3. said :

    Melaleuca products only! better for the family better for the earth, not to mention better on the pocket book.

  4. **~~RED~~** said :

    I use crest toothpaste ….Caress berry indulgence soap…Dawn direct foam to wash the dishes…gain with baking soda to wash clothes…Burberry perfume….Secret Platinum deoderant….Biolage shampoo and Conditioner….. and some more I cant think of

  5. Boggy said :

    Sensodyne toothpaste
    Johnson’s Baby Wash for shower
    Head and shoulders (or Tesco’s own brand)
    At present using Alberto VO5 conditioner
    Oil of Olay mouisteriser
    Garnier face wash
    E45 body cream
    Silvikrin hairspray
    Radox handwash
    Ariel for whites Biological detergent for white laundry
    Ariel for colours liquid gell concentrate for coloured laundry
    Tesco own brand soft rinse
    Finish dishwasher powder
    Finish rinse aid
    Tesco own brand dishwasher salt for water softener
    Tesco own brand dishwashing liquid
    Tesco own brand iquid floor and wall general purpose cleaner
    Mr Sheen spray polish
    Tesco own brand white distilled vinegar for bathroom/kitchen cleaning
    (I sound like an ad for Tesco)

  6. Rosanna O said :

    shampoo & cond-Matrix volumizer and color protector
    tooth paste-Crest Pro-Health
    Mouth wash-Listerine
    body wash-cant remember the name but its sweet vanilla scent


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