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What are the benefits of using a garage coating ?

Garage coating is a mixture made from epoxy products that bond to cement floor and dries to a smooth, ceramic finish. There are two main liquid emulsion components of epoxy, which when mixed, can be used as a protective finish or as a sealant. This material lends itself ideal for garage floor coating.

As homeowners continue to look for ways on improving their homes, garage coatings become more and more popular. Because garages are also used a workshops, craft rooms, play area, and even home offices, more owners want to finish their garage floors. Garage coating is capable of resisting dirt, oil, grease and water, which makes it also perfect for basements, porches, workshops and laundry rooms.

There are many garage coatings available in the market that is made specifically for the do-it-yourselfers who are finishing their garages as a weekend project. If the plain color gray of garage coating does not match your garage design, you can add different base colors on garage coating. Quartz or color chips can be added to garage coating if you want the finish to have a little granite effect. For the refined garage, black marble finish is also an option.

Besides being a practical way of beautifying your garage, garage coating also protects the floor concrete against cracking, weathering, oil, moisture and chemicals. There are some people who used garage coating claiming that it is even stronger than concrete and will extend the life of your garage floor. Although you may hire a professional for the application of the garage coating, there are many products that can be purchased at your local home improvement stores that are low odor, quick-dry and self-priming.

You can start the application and end it with the base coat depending on the finish that you want. Color chips with one or two topcoats may be added if you want a more enhancing finish. Whatever ways, the result of applying garage coating in your garage floor will be a tough, yet beautiful finish.

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