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What are some ideas to decorate a rented house?

We live in a rental house, and I would like some simple decorating ideas and/or tips that won’t cost a lot of money but that will make a diffenence even if it’s small things that can be done or brought over time to add to the overall affect. I would like to concentrate on the living room first. Any websites that may help me would also be much appreciated. Thank you.

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3 Responses to “What are some ideas to decorate a rented house?”

  1. FaireMaiden said :

    Okay… well, first you have to start with deciding on a ‘Style’ or ‘Theme’. What do you want your Living Room to feel/look like?

    Country? Log Cabin/Rustic? Victorian? Shabby Chic? Contemporary/Modern? Tuscan? French? Traditional? Old-World?

    Are you going to be using existing furniture, or buy new furniture? If existing furniture, what kind of furniture is it? If it won’t fit in with the ‘Style’ you want, you can always slipcover the pieces.

    What kind of flooring is in the Living Room? Carpet? Hardwood? Tile? Linoleum? And what colour is it? An Area Rug will go a VERY long way in ‘anchoring’ the ‘Style’ you have chosen.

    Then you want to look to the Draperies. You may want to replace the existing ones (keeping them in a bag to be dry-cleaned and re-hung when you move out, taking the new ones with you). If you have Blinds in there, (what colour are they?), you can always add a Valence and some Panels to embellish them.

    Then you want to look for Art Work that will better represent the ‘Theme’ you have chosen.

    As well, you would want to consider Bookcases, End Tables, Ottomans, and your Entertainment Center if your Television and/or Stereo are in there. What are they sitting on, or cased-in, now?

    You want your Colours to be represented thru the Area Rug, Slipcovers, Draperies/Valences, Art Work, and Sofa Pillows.

    Can you Paint the walls? What will your Landlord allow you to do?

    All these things, (except Painting the wall, of course, *lol*), can be taken with you when you move.

    As you can see, ‘Decorating’ is really done in ‘layers’… each layer building upon the previous one. But the ‘Style’ must be chosen first. Then the ‘Colours’ you want to use to represent that ‘Style’.

    Here’s a couple of links to help you decide on a ‘Style/Theme’…



    Even tho the above link says ‘Girls Bedroom’, it has a plethora of ‘Styles’ that can easily translate into a Living Room… you’ll be pleasantly surprised by many of them, *s*, and the ideas they will present to you.

    Once you decide on a ‘Style’ and the ‘Colours’ you like best, let us know and we can better direct you to just how to accomplish it, *s*

  2. Mag said :

    The least expensive thing to do that can have a huge effect on the feel of a room is paint. You can paint an entire room for under $50, even as a beginner. Make sure that you’re willing to paint it back/neutralize when you move, as might be required by your landlord.

    However, if you choose colors that enhance the space, your landlord will likely feel you’ve made an improvment and saved him the trouble between tenants!

    Choose an accent color for one wall. A color you love. And a more neutral color for all other walls, including the ceiling. (Nothing worse than ‘forgetting’ the ceiling and leaving it white..and it saves you having to cut lines in)

    Paint wood trim only with landlords approval, or if its already a painted surface. The most striking trims I’ve seen are stark white. Then toned walls with a darker accent wall. It freshens everything up.

    I suggest getting paint chips from the hardware store and taping them to the wall for a week or more. Day and night make lots of diff in how the colors work, and if you study them long enough, you’ll find that one color keeps jumping out at you. Pick it!

    Have fun with paint and remember you can always repaint if you’ve made a bad choice. But if you tape up samples and perhaps match a color from an accent piece or pillow that you love, your color choices should work well,
    Good luck.

  3. lindat said :

    In addition to all the great ideas you were given, you can always use simple accessories that are easy to add and get:

    Add some planters or vase with real/fake flowers
    Buy some beautiful postcards/posters, frame them and hang on the walls
    Use candles holders to give the room an elegant look
    Look for an inexpensive tabletop fountain
    Add some lighting in a style you prefer
    Buy some decor magazines and use their tips – you can make a beautiful home using simple tricks


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