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What are modular homes ?

Modular homes are efficient, customizable and quick alternatives to homes built in one location. Modular homes are built as separate units in a factory and then transported and assembled on the buyer’s property. Compared to traditional home construction that entails building the house from the ground up, modular homes offer a more inexpensive option. In addition, modular homes are usually indistinguishable from a standard house.

Design is the first step in building a modular home. Although most companies would provide you with several floor plans to choose from, you can customize the design completely to your liking. Since you are free to choose the roof type, window styles and locations, floor plans, fixtures, flooring and other factors, you can be sure to own a unique home. Also, since modular homes are extremely customizable, they are usually more distinct when located in planned communities.

Once the design is completed, the company would transfer the module home into prefabricated elements or parts called ‘modules’. These modules make up one part of the house; for instance, one module for the porch, another module for the bedroom. When modules leave the factory, they are about 90% complete with flooring and paint. Since modules are large pieces of wood and other materials built into one, they are transported via large trucks to the buyer’s location.

When the modules arrive, the location only needs a few things done, including poured foundation as well as utility hookups for gas, water and electricity. Once these are done, local contractors crane the modules into place. The entire construction of a module home once it arrives in the location could take as little as two to four weeks.

The only difference between site-built homes and modular homes is the expense and time used during construction. Both can be financed by loan centers and banks, both need to follow local and state building codes and both accumulate property resale value.

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