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Water your lawn in the middle of the day?

I am trying to find information about watering your lawn. I have found information about watering your lawn at night and such. But cannot find anything about how much water your need to water your lawn in the middle of the day and how much water is wasted.

The project that I am working on is trying to BAN watering your lawn in the middle of the day because it wastes water.

If you have any information about watering your lawn or any interesting facts please let me know.
This is for a Student Congress Resolution for school.

I dont try to save the rain forest on my days off

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7 Responses to “Water your lawn in the middle of the day?”

  1. Barbados Chick said :

    An easy test would be to measure the amount of water that actually lands on the grass, over the same watering period, in the middle of the day and after dark, with the pressure the same -using a water gage on the lawn, in the same spot.

  2. Sylvia W said :

    It’s not good to water your lawn in the middle of the day because you can burn your lawn!! But trying to get it banned…what exactly do u do during the day??

  3. yahzmin said :

    Think this may be what you are looking for:

    “Watering before 9:00 AM reduces evaporation and scorching of leaves from the sun. Watering during middle of the day can waste up to 65% of the water through evaporation. Water on calm days to prevent wind drift and evaporation.”

    Hope that helps!

  4. g g said :

    isn’t watering your grass at any time during the day a waste of water? i don’t understand how it is more of a waste during the middle of the day than it is in the morning or evening. of course all these people who put all the chemicals on their lawns then over water them and let the sprinklers run all day even when it rains, washes all those chemicals into our drinking water. why don’t you try and ban that instead.

  5. Lisa G said :

    1/4 of inch of water in the morning is all your grass needs. watering in mid day you will need a lot more because it is hot out and you will burn the grass. If you water at night the grass is suspetiable to diseases. My mother is a horticulturist, I never water anything after 8am. That means during them darn hot summer months I am up at 5 am. I have a lot of plants 🙂 . The grass I don’t really worry about if I did my bill would be $1,000 a month. Good luck with your research.

  6. Billy Ray Valentine said :

    Alright, enough of the old wives tale about how the lawn scorches or burns if you water it during the middle of the day…LOL. Not true. In my whole life, I have never once seen this happen. By the time the bead of water that sits on a blade of grass has a chance to “burn” as stated, it will evaporate from the sunny conditions. Not a chance of scorching possible. As far as watering your turf at nite, this is the worst time to do so. Why? Because it will cause diseases to infect the turf. Most diseases in turf are caused by two or three factors, two of which are moisture and cold weather. Humidity plays a role also. When nite time rolls around you want your “thatch” zone, (area just above ground level on blade of grass) to be dry. By watering your lawn in the evening, coupled with cold temperatures and high humidity, you are asking for numerous diseases to infect your lawn. The best time to water is in the early morning, as one writer wrote. Anytime before 8:00 am is fine. That way there is limited evaporation and the water will get to the root zone where it is needed the most. Also, the thatch zone will surely be dry before nightfall, helping to eliminate the threat of disease… Hope this helps.

  7. shopping said :

    well i dont water my lawn so no


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