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Repairs were made to my a/c unit and the repair man was supposed to make them to another house. Pay him?

Compressor was replaced in my a/c unit – but the repair man had the wrong address. Do I have to pay for repairs? Don’t really want old compressor put back in – was probably thrown in the back of a pickup – who knows what type of condition it is in.

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10 Responses to “Repairs were made to my a/c unit and the repair man was supposed to make them to another house. Pay him?”

  1. pickmefirstplz said :

    no you don’t have to pay him his mistake his lose

  2. tattoo69699 said :

    no its his fault

  3. tsopolly said :

    You don’t have to pay for services you did not request, however, they may want to give you back your old compressor. Perhaps going 50/50 is the fair thing to do to keep the new one.

  4. bill h said :

    No, you didn’t order it, you shouldn’t have to pay. He may even have committed trespassing to your property.

  5. paulofhouston said :

    Threaten and maybe sue him for destruction of your property.Report him to the BBB for unauthorized repairs and theft of your equipment/property.

  6. alwayson said :

    You have a new compressor that you obviously shouldn’t have to pay for but was it installed correctly? I just hope you don’t have future problems related to the compressor changeout.That’s a weird one. If it were the entire condenser I wouldn’t care.Definitely don’t let them reinstall the old compressor if you can help it and protest if they want you to pay for it.Legally I guess they have a right to remove it but like you said,you don’t know the condition of the original one now.That’s what you call a major goof up.

  7. Robert K said :

    no! No you did not order this work. That is their mistake. But you should of told the contractor that they had the wrong address.

  8. devicks said :

    If you were home and could have stopped him…yes. If you weren’t home…no. I don’t see how he could have made the repairs without someone being there though.

  9. Inthedark111 said :

    His mistake, leave the new compressor in. Changing a compressor means recoverying all refrigerant, changing filter driers, leak testing, recharging, and adding oil. Not a simple manuever.

  10. Johnie 13 said :

    HVAC Tech.: No you do not have to pay for someone Else’s mistake. The technician is responsible for checking the data that is given to him. His dispatcher is responsible for the addresses he/she passes out. They had no right to be on your property, and no right to work on your equipment. I am surprised the technician did not test to determine IF the compressor needed to be changed. Their mistake, they eat it. IF YOU did not order the repair you have incurred no liability!


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