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question about the heater and the water?

this started yesterday night when the heat was off when we turned the heat to exact 85 degrees to warm up our house when my mom came home from work and took a shower there was no hot water she then felt the heater to see if its warm but it was off so she called the housing people to check on it so they did but when i fell asleep and got up around 3:43 A.M because my room was freezing i came outside to see the heater but nobody touched it, it was still 85 degree so i just ignore it until my mom wakes up around 7:23 A.M my mom called the housings again to see what was up they fixed it but later around 11:00 A.M the heater when off again and the water turned cold once again…. so what is the issues?

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3 Responses to “question about the heater and the water?”

  1. Bandett said :

    go find the circuit breaker to see if it clicking off., it is probably shutting off the power to the appliances.

  2. Kevin B said :

    The furnace and the water heater are having issues? To my experience, those are separate units. The gas or power supply is suspect to me. You fail to mention if these appliances are gas or electric.

  3. mike l said :

    If you have a boiler that works both then your boiler is shot and needs to be replaced. Your maint. people should be able to figure that out.


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