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Need a good way to clean a cowboy hat?

I’ve pulled my old Stetson off the wall and it has gotton a little dirty. I guess just from dust, smoke, etc. What is a good way to clean it and remove some of the yellowish stain? It is just a plain ole white, off white hard brim hat. Not felt or made of anything special.

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6 Responses to “Need a good way to clean a cowboy hat?”

  1. marygen99 said :

    How bout… dont wear a cowboy hat?

  2. kenknickerbocker said :

    toilet water works great. sorry i love country music but the whole country look is just…….

  3. Chrys said :

    if it’s not made of felt what IS it made of ??? it’s hard to give advice when you don’t know what you are cleaning…(and the word is gotten.)

  4. ptnpink said :

    try going to the dry cleaners

  5. Sam S said :

    dust it

  6. beautifulangel said :

    just wipe it down with a damp rag i guess. smoke stain is hard to get out, and for the smoke smell spray frebreze or something on it.


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