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My lawn is all weeds and hardly any grass. Can someone suggest the best way to get a healthy lawn?

Our lawn is mostly clover and crabgrass. What steps do we take to get a healthy lawn with grass and no weeds? Thank you in advance!
We live in Oklahoma.

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3 Responses to “My lawn is all weeds and hardly any grass. Can someone suggest the best way to get a healthy lawn?”

  1. gands4ever said :

    pay a chemlawn or some other company to come in and spray for broad leaf, that should take out most of your weeds. when they are done spraying rake the ground and spread seed ,cover with light straw. when the new grass is 6 to 8 inches tall cut it and fertilize with some 10-10-10 as per directions. cut your grass on a weekly basis, cutting in a different direction each week.also make sure you dont cut your grass to short as this kills it giving weeds a chance to grow.I cut at 2 3/4 inches or higher.

  2. jeepdrivr said :

    I’m not sure where you live or what kind of grass you have, so I’ll provide somewhat “generic” advice, based on the mid atlantic region of the eastern US.

    To kill the weeds you have now, use Weed B Gon.

    First, go to and click on the “annual program” link. It will ask you for your zip code and grass type and, based on that, will give you feedback on what to put down and when.

    Generally, you should put down a preemergent in early spring. Do that now if you haven’t already. One of the easiest to find is Scotts Turfbuilder with HALTS (aka “Step 1”). Put down Turfbuilder with Plus 2 weed control (aka: “Step 2”) in early June. Then put down an insecticide (BugBGon), and GrubEx in mid to late June. Sometime in the next month or so, have a soil test done, and add soil ammendments as needed during the next few months to get the soil in shape for seeding.

    At the end of the summer (late August or early September), core aerate your lawn, then apply a good, quality seed and starter fertilizer. Water it lightly twice a day. Not too much, just enough to keep the soil a little damp – 5-10 minutes should be enough. When the seed germinates, cut back the watering to once a day for another week or so.

    When you do your last mowing (around Thanksgiving here in the Wash. DC area), put down a winterizer.

    Come next spring, you’ll be well on your way. Stick with the Scott’s program from there and overseed again next fall if necessary.

  3. beckihrh said :

    Weed and feed works best. Talk to the person in the nursery area at the hardware store.


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