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Law: In a Rented Property, How much gardening can you do?

Law: Rented Property – How much gardening can I do?
How much gardening are you allowed to do in a property rented from a private Landlord?
I am renting a house which has a garden. Can I trim bushes, plant things or cut trees which broke due to heavy snow?

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4 Responses to “Law: In a Rented Property, How much gardening can you do?”

  1. Allieson said :

    yeah.. u can.. just dont make any structural changes. like building conservatories or knocking down walls!

    it should be in ur contract!

  2. clcprodigy said :

    There is no logical answer to this question. Where are you , what is in your contract if you have on, it makes no sense to me, that you are asking this question, this should be ask of your landlord.

  3. aurora said :

    You can trim bushes, and prune the tree back that has snapped under pressure. With regards to planting or changing the layout of the garden/ plants it’s best to ask your landlord. Most will approve as long as you are not destroying the yard. Mine allowed me to do as much as I liked because I was enhancing the look of the yard. I have added, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and am about to add a water feature. It won’t hurt to ask.

    Chrissie & Co.

  4. emma said :

    It depends entirly on contract. You may HAVE to do some, as many contracts stipulate lawn mowing and hedge trimming. others, however, forbid the trimming of trees ect.
    Check your contract.
    If it doesn’t say anything you can trim away on the grounds that the plants are not alowing you to use the space you have rented
    may be best to contact the landlord to ask


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