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Is it tacky to hang posters on your walls?

I just moved into my first apartment and it has cathedral ceilings so there is a lot of blank wall. I wanna hang stuff up so it doesn’t look so institutionalized (all white walls…) but is it tacky to hang up posters? Like… just paper posters.

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9 Responses to “Is it tacky to hang posters on your walls?”

  1. ohhhdear said :

    Not necessarily. You could get some inexpensive black poster frames at Walmart which will dress up a poster. Or, you could group several in a setting to make a display. You may need to check your lease to see what you can use to hang things. If you can’t use nails, then you’re stuck with poster putty and very lightweight items.
    Just make sure they’re straight. What really looks tacky are things hanging crookedly.

  2. Paul in San Diego said :

    The problem with hanging just paper posters on the wall is that they eventually kind of curl up on the edges and then they start looking tacky. Use a frame that’s specifically designed for posters.

    I have an old Pearl Jam poster and bought a frame for it that’s basically two sheets of thin plexiglass. The edges of the frame then clip on the sides to hold the plexiglass sheets together. The back has a standard picture hanging piece (the kind with about 5 pointed teeth in a row). So, I could hang the poster on a picture hook instead of taping or pinning it to the wall. Plus, it was protected from the elements.

  3. Sharon W said :

    Yes. Just posters with no frame will definitely look tacky.

    Here is an idea for you to make your posters look really great….
    Go to Goodwill and find large pictures with a glass front. Take them apart and take out everything and slip your poster inside.

    Some of these ‘pictures’ will have the fake matting to go around your picture. You can use that if you want to. If it has no ‘matting’ you can make your own from poster board.

    Just cut out the center square section of some posterboard and slip your picture inside then reassemble the picture and hang it on the wall.

    This will look much better than just putting up a flimsy poster onto the wall.

  4. Lynn said :

    No, not at all. I must say I agree with all 3 of the comments made before me 😀 Look’s like framed is the answer 🙂

  5. craftin_crazy12 said :

    frame the posters and it will be good… or you could buy cheap artwork from HomeGoods

  6. mim said :

    I’d opt for some beautiful rugs or fabric with an intricate, color coordinated pattern that you love.

    Posters are fine but you are right, too many can make a place look tacky. I hung large baskets on the walls in the kitchen and beautiful rugs in the living room. I saved the bedroom and bathroom for posters where not too many people but me hung out. The rugs can be used sometime later on in your life on the floor when you have collected some artwork for the walls.

  7. eeyore_bud_249 said :

    i say yes. why don’t you find some of your
    fav. pics and then get them in black and white or
    sephia.frame them and then hang them on the walls. (in a square or rectangle)

    good luck
    hope that helps

  8. Erin P said :

    I would definitely get frames like some others advised. Also, I would look on and find some cool art prints, or vintage posters. They are still cheap, but they will dress up your bare walls.

  9. Von V said :

    Well I reckon it completely depends on your personality. Though with cathedral style ceilings I’d try to steer you onto a more classic road. Try framed art or even wallpaper. But then again if you are a rock muso type of person posters may just be your thing. Your home should reflect your personality so do what feels right. Also if you’re not liking the white walls, paint them a warmer colour.


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