Is it safe to use fiberglass insulation in my homemade solar oven?

I am making a solar oven. The kind with a big cardboard box outside and a smaller cardboard box inside. Usually, people put a bunch of paper shredding or newspaper in between the boxes for insulation. I don’t have 40 pounds of paper to use but I do have some yellow fiberglass insulation left. Is it safe to use this?

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2 Responses to “Is it safe to use fiberglass insulation in my homemade solar oven?”

  1. nv jack said:

    I wouldn’t use fiberglass, might get in your food. It must be a very large oven if it will take forty pounds of paper. Shredded news paper soaked in water baking soda solution then dried works well for insulation. The baking soda was for a fire retardant.

  2. DIR R said:

    If you are going to use fiberglass you are going to want to use something that has long, textile-type glass fibers that are bonded together in random orientation by a stable thermo-setting resin. This only for a friction-fit. Thus, no risk of collapse. Don’t note that the resin will begin to burn off after 1200 Degrees, but the glassfibers will remain in place.

    While the regular yellow or pink stuff is okay for your walls, the short-fibers, and set pattern orientation run the risk of shrinking it certain tempuratures, and thus glassfibers will fall out.

    I do like the the idea presented by the Mother Nature News article about paper & baking soda, but the problem is you do not have 40 lbs of paper.


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