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Is gardening a hated chore for you or something that you enjoy?

I know that some people could spend all day in their garden but others have no interest in it whatsoever which is fine as everyone is different, what about you? do you love or hate gardening? For those that really know their maths can you tell me if 1 acre is a lot of land? that’s what comes with my apartment and it takes me, well my dad and grandad mainly forever to try and keep it tidy and looking really pretty xxxx

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14 Responses to “Is gardening a hated chore for you or something that you enjoy?”

  1. The Reindeer said :

    Nope, I quite enjoy my hoes. 😉

  2. FunkyCow said :

    It’s annoying

  3. smileyツ rawr babe. said :

    I like gardening but if it takes forever and my back starts hurting. then no….

  4. cracked said :

    used to, not no more.

  5. Champagne would prefer a lager said :

    I live in the country and have a beautiful garden but i have no interest in it and pay someone else to keep it looking nice.

  6. ~^..^~.. des g.. =^..^= said :

    i love gardening Gemma but then my garden is the size of a stamp…lol

  7. Monica said :

    I hate gardening, but I do it because I love the end result.

    Here’s what an acre is:

  8. Uncle Billy 6 said :

    I love to garden, if you keep up with it the weeding is not such a chore

  9. Fire Lily Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ I ♥ Spring! said :

    I really like gardening in fact I plan on doing some today. After I do it for too long it starts to get old.

  10. Dilbert said :

    i find it a hated chore

  11. Plant Lady said :

    I enjoy it immensely. Love it. 1 acre isn’t all that much, but it does take lots of work to keep any amount of land looking good.

  12. AJ said :

    I love gardening and look forward to it every spring. But mine is fairly small and easy to maintain.

  13. Tryn said :

    I enjoy it but I live in a second story apartment so I use those huge 40 gallon laundry tubs and put them on my deck. What I do not enjoy is the allergies I get afterwards. 🙁

  14. maurice said :

    it’s definitely a chore, except mowing the lawns which i don’t mind.


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