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I have a balcony and I love gardening- any suggestions for what flowers/fruit/veg I can grow from seed?

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18 Responses to “I have a balcony and I love gardening- any suggestions for what flowers/fruit/veg I can grow from seed?”

  1. fizzdude said :

    bagonias or marigolds

  2. agawkanada said :

    lol….. you can grow EVERYTHING from seeds. thats what a seed is for.

  3. Sierra said :

    How about things that grow up? Tomatoes, peas, sunflowers, Oooo your making me want to go out and garden and I only have window boxes! What I would do with a balcony! :o) Happy gardening!

  4. I8AShroom said :

    Strawberries and tomatoes come to mind. Both are really easy to grow in containers. Virtually any herb could do well.

  5. mike t 08 said :

    sweet peas are nice and relatively easy

  6. EY said :

    For balcony, I suggest TULIPs.

    Good & beautiful for Spring & Summer, and you could retire them in Fall.

  7. Puzzledirishgirl said :

    This is a site my cousin in the US sent to me, I wouldn’t mind trying it as well….

    Not sure what else though! Good luck!

  8. little monkey said :

    why not grow some herbs – they’re really easy to grow and smell lovely and it’s nice to have fresh herbs in your dinner

  9. auntbea672004 said :

    Sunflowers, spinach, cabbage…really anything that you can grow in the ground can be grown in containers. Just make sure you get the right ones for the lighting that you have. Experiment and have fun.

  10. Fire Blade 24 said :

    pumpkins !!!!

  11. sionman2001 said :

    As a general you may grow roses of different shades along with Jasmine.You may also grow tomatoes,chillies,lemon,chickoos etc.

  12. Amber A said :

    how beautiful , we have a beautiful balcony , we grow beautiful fruits and flowers that flourish and are beautiful , we have three semi circle and beautiful villa balconies , and the balconies are hidden by gardens , of flowers it’s beautiful they look like there frech villas , i suggest growing roses , and pansies and sunflowers , along with some fruit ! hope i helped , good luck !

  13. Pam T said :

    A lot of herbs like thyme, rosemary, etc. can be grown from seed plus the extra bonus is how well it smells. Also, the small growing gardenia’s would be great but it depends on how much sun your balcony gets. Petunia’s would be pretty. Go to a near by Home Depot or Lowe’s. Read the labels and it will tell you how much sun, etc. each plant will need. Much earlier to by the plant than the seed. Good luck.

  14. haggesitze said :

    Depending on where you live, in Europe I’d recommend herbs like rosemary, lavender, sage, parsley, thyme, chives. Zucchini (marrows) will easily grow in pots, so will peas, runner beans, tomatoes and cucumbers, radishes, also lettuce and spinach or leaf beet. These you can all still sow. There is any amount of flowers that you can grow, from carnations and sweet williams over wallflower to geraniums and or miniature roses. Even now you could still sow nasturtiums and sunflowers, if they are not too big for your balcony.

  15. Tiroloco said :

    You can grow most anything in a balcony. Tomatoes are a classic, but you can also grow potatoes and carrots in a tub, cucumbers, melons and lots more. Better if they grow upwards like tomatoes or cucumbers since they’ll take less space. Herbs are also a good alternative, although you can grow them in the kitchen as well if you have a window with lots of light. Try different things that you like to eat. Some will do better than others. I actually have grapes and blackberries in my balcony and I get a nice harvest every year.
    Good luck.

  16. alfootc said :

    It all depends if you get enough of sunlight in your balcony. It would be quite futile to try to grow flowering plants if you do not have enough sunlight. Do not fret. You can always grow foliage or indoor plants. There are so many kinds of indoor plants and they are just as beautiful and satisfying to grow. Just water them well and adding a little fertiliser and your plants will be in excellent condition.

  17. weather said :

    basil seems to be an easy plant from seed as well as tomatoes. peppers, and parsley are easly as well

  18. AllKnowingHappyRastaman said :

    I recently did the same thing…I ended up planting a bunch of herbs like basil, mint, and chives. They are easy to grow and you get to enjoy the ‘fruits’ of your labor!


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