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How to prepare soil for gardening?

I’m very new to gardening, and I want to start one in my backyard. The problem is, the soil out there is very dry and I’m sure that nothing could grow in it if I tried now. I’m in zone 7b and I don’t know if I should replace the soil altogether or just add a bunch of fertilizer and compost. Any ideas?
Also, what I want to grow is small berries, tomatoes and other edibles.

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5 Responses to “How to prepare soil for gardening?”

  1. ~*martigani~*jessica~* said :

    they sell this stuff at walmart all sorts of soil,I like the miricle grow

  2. boatwrecker40 said :

    I would start by adding a little LIME from a farmers CO-OP, then maybe add a little fertilizer, and be sure you cultivate or till into the dirt. This will help soften the dirt. Compost will make working easier and retaining moisture better.

  3. Sherman H said :

    If you’re new, then start small to avoid being overwhelmed. Check with your neighbors to see what works in your areas. It is better to do a soil test first to see what amendments are needed if any. When in doubt, compost or organic matter will usually improve the soil.

  4. chopsaw said :

    Go get a few boxes of rabbit manure and work it into the soil……that’s the quickest…….and go to work……….it’s also very good and doesn’t burn. Have fun and happy eating “eve”………leave the apples alone:)

  5. prsctboy said :

    Compost, and mulch mixed into soil use 1 cubic yard each per 5 foot by 5 foot area of garden, losen up soil well and mix into it, Also buy a couple 1 gallon bags of WORM CASTINGS
    and mix into soil as well. Worm castings are excellent for plant growth. After you have palnted and your garden is coming up use SUPER THRIVE Root growth hormone, 1 cap full per gallon of water, use it every other time you water.
    If you wish to control pests with out useing poisons, Go to the grocery store, buy 5 to 10 garlic bulbs, break them apart in a flat pan and roast them at 200 degrees for 10 minutes, let them cool, scatter them in the garden, keeps most bugs out, you can also buy ladybugs YES ladybugs at most garden centers, they are live, just sprinkle them around in the garden, they only eat other bugs, and will not hurt plants.
    Best of luck Happy growing, . You can go ahead and amend your soil now for spring planting or fall planting depending on what you are growing.


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