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How to indicate an oven’s temperature when there is no indicator?

my oven doesn’t have a temperature indicator..there’s only low,high,and max to adjust the temperature.

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4 Responses to “How to indicate an oven’s temperature when there is no indicator?”

  1. big tom netbracketrepairman said :

    many recipes call for low ,medium or high heat because many chefs use gas and not electric , then you measure the food itself with a meat thermometer to see if its done

  2. Rick Cain said :

    get a candy thermometer, or buy one of those high tech laser contact-less thermomenters.

  3. Snoonyb said :

    There are small oven thermometers that set/hang from the oven rack, sold in most grocery and hardware stores.

  4. pcbeachrat said :

    Buy one of these..they are only about 6.00 at WalMart..the dollar stores have them too cheaper..They hang in the oven from the racks…


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