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how to I advertise my gardening business on the net?

I am a gardener and I want to generate some more work to a wider public.

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7 Responses to “how to I advertise my gardening business on the net?”

  1. Trilochan Kaur said :

    I run a gardening website, if you like to trade your business banner, please contact me.

    Trilochan Kaur

  2. nicemanvery said :

    I think you just did !!

  3. bonzillatron said :

    myspace. you can advertise just about anything there.

  4. idamahn said :

    Get a website and use targeted flyers in your area.


  5. jaycee said :

    If you have a website you can use a search engine to find free submissions to search engines. There are loads of free search engines out there that will give you a free link to your website.

    The more you search for your business the higher it gets ranked.

  6. Kacky said :

    Make sure you use lots of keywords, and page titling html so that when someone googles “lawncare” + the name of the town, your site will come up. Or if they google landscaping, gardening, or any phrase they might use when doing a search.

    Use lots of photos (with permission), but make sure they are optimized for internet so they won’t crash out peoples computers or take forever to load. Use testimonials of customers talking about your skills and your good taste.

    Give away a piece of advice avery week and have an option for the customer to subscribe to an RSS feed so that whenever you add a tip, it gets emailed to them, keeping your name top-of-mind. Blogging software will do it for you. I recommend Powweb as a web host because they’re not too expensive and the blog is hosted and maintained by them, but it has your web address so the customer just sees it as another page on your website.

  7. Toni f said :

    get your own web site


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