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How to get rid of grubs in the beginning of spring and you have a dog?

All the snow has melted and we’ve noticed our yard looks like someone has been poking holes everywhere. My husband thinks it is these “grubs” that the skunks eat. We definitely need to get rid of them, but we have a dog that utilizes that area. Will commercial treatments hurt him? Can the “grubs” themselves be harmful to our dog?

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5 Responses to “How to get rid of grubs in the beginning of spring and you have a dog?”

  1. theonlytufrose said :

    The best time to get rid of grubs is when the eggs are just starting to hatch and thats about the second week of july. You can use a liquid spray, “diazinon” or a liquid grub x. Just be sure not to let the dog on it until it is dry. Then he should be alright.

  2. Gary S said :

    Dont water your lawn as much. Attract worm-eating birds like robins and other song birds to your backyard. They are typically fond of eating grubs for breakfast.

  3. Fo Shizzle! said :

    Milky spore is one of the most effective treatments.
    The one downside to milky spore is that if your neighbors do not treat their lawns, too, it will not be as effective. Good luck!

    Here’s some more info about it:

  4. happywjc said :

    Diazinon granules, just befroe it rains, and keep the dog in for a while

  5. Gina Heningburg said :

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