How much would it cost (very rough estimate) to build a detached garage?

I live in NE Ohio and am curious how much it would cost approx to build a detached 1 or 2 car garage. Looking to buy a house that doesn’t have a garage, curious approx how much it would be to build one and if it would be worth it.

Thank you in advance!

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5 Responses to “How much would it cost (very rough estimate) to build a detached garage?”

  1. annie said:

    Depending on things like whether or not you want drywall and other extras it should be from $10,000 to $15,000

  2. pappy said:

    At current prices, an enclosed detached garage would run between 6 and 10 thousand depending on the contractor. Thats for a single with no frills like insulation, finished walls, etc. An open carport would run between 2 and 4 thousand. Or you can go to “garages” on your search engine and find pre-fabs, or metal sheeting that are a lot cheaper. Why a detached? Why not use the existing outer wall of the home for one of the garage walls. Garages/carports always add value to a home, with the added benefit of protecting your vehicles from rain, hail, snow. etc.Remember those are approx costs, based on prices in Mississippi. There may be a big difference in your area. Why not contact some local contractors and have them give you an estimate. They don’t charge for that

  3. robuttox said:

    Menards is a homecenter in the Midwest – especially near Chicago and Minneapolis. There are a couple in NW Ohio. At any rate, their website shows the prices of garage packages. There must be 100’s of different styles to choose from. Home Depot may have the same type of deals. It will give you a good idea anyhow:

    A garage package is around $3000 – more or less depending. You have to get one company to pour a concrete footing, and another company to erect it for you, and maybe another to hook up electricity and water. Contractors can be found through the home centers.

  4. Lakoma said:

    First off, it depends on the size. My husband and I were contracted to build two–14 x 24. That included 2×4 walls, 2×8 ceiling joists, shingles, and 3/4″ oak sheathing for the outer walls.
    The total cost with labor for one was $20,000. Go to Home Depot. They’ll work up a rough estimate for you for free.

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