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How much will it cost to clean my furnance?

I cannot get my pilot light to stay on and I think the furnance will need to be cleaned. How much will this cost?

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5 Responses to “How much will it cost to clean my furnance?”

  1. Trek5000rider said :

    It is probably not a “cleaning issue”. Please have a professional look at it. It could be a matter of life and death. YOURS!

  2. johntindale said :

    I don’t know where you’re from- but heating and air conditioning companies in the US charge anywhere between $55/ hour to $120/ hour depending on where you live. In cities and urban areas, the prices tend to be higher, and in rural areas they tend to be lower.

    Depending on the type of furnace you have, it may just be a thermocouple that needs to be replaced- and could cost as low as $90.- $150 to have someone come out and replace it.

    A thorough furnace cleaning could take 2-4 hours, so it could cost anywhere between $100- $500 depending on where you live.

    Before you call anyone, ask if they are licensed, and insured, and if they are registered with the Better Business Bureau- and never use a company that won’t tell you their rates before they come out.

  3. RICH said :

    It probably needs the pilot assembly cleaned. Typically a furnace cleaning will cost around $100. For more info, check out the furnace page at

  4. Steve J said :

    Your furnace may need cleaned but I highly doubt that is why your pilot wont stay lit. What kind of furnace ?

  5. hillbilly named Possum said :

    where i work a service call is $54
    a thermocouple is $10 with labor
    cleaning is anywhere from free to about $300 depending on how dirty things are
    we dont charge by the hour…we use a “quality service pricing” flat-rate book…..most NATE certified professionals do

    Possum, HVAC guy


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