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How many yards of material would I need to make a twin bed comforter?

I am wanting to make a comforter for a twin size bed and I do not know how much material I need to make it.

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3 Responses to “How many yards of material would I need to make a twin bed comforter?”

  1. sweetpea said:
  2. cheezyhill said:

    If you look up a pattern in a quilting book (available from your local library) it will tell you how much you need of each color. It depends on the pattern and how many colors.

    As far as the back is concerned, that depends on the width of the fabric, how many seams you are willing to have in the back. Usually you need between 2 1/2 and 2 3/4 yards for the back.

    My wife quilts, she makes 2 to 4 a year of different sizes, she always refers to the pattern to determine how much of each color.

  3. saaanen said:

    Take the finished measurement to any fabric store and ask one of the clerks. Amount of fabric will vary with the width of the fabric, and any matching of the pattern that might be needed.


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