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How long will it take for my lawn to recuperate?

I used weed and feed on my lawn because the lawn was all yellow where it had been left un-mown for ages (since i have just moved in) and full of dandelions. I have now been told that this was not a very good idea…my lawn has gone black, how long will it take to get back to normal?

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2 Responses to “How long will it take for my lawn to recuperate?”

  1. ♫ Mad Luv ♫ said :

    the weed and feed works great for me!
    just follow the instructions most work best in spring! once spring has sprung it’s more or less a losing battle!

  2. Cindy B said :

    Water, water, water!! “Weed & Feed” should work well all year round. BTW you DO need to Cut the grass!!

    Good Luck!!


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