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How is mowing a lawn a good thing?

Curious. I have read in some places that mowing a lawn can be good to prevent grassy weeds and in other places that by mowing it weakens the grass and so fertilizing can help keep the lawn well nourished because of injuries such as mowing. I am confused. From my logic, mowing the lawn can only be a bad thing for the lawn since i don’t think in nature it wants to be cut and have to be regrown and by being cut you are more exposed to the air to loose moisture from inside. I can understand that in a controlled way thatching can be a good thing (maintain mosture in the soil because of grass droppings due to mowing) but i dunno.

Can someone explain the benefits of mowing?

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10 Responses to “How is mowing a lawn a good thing?”

  1. bluefox2008 said :

    your yard look good

  2. Sagar said :

    the ladies likes it and u never no what could be in the grass.

  3. gwynedd_gal said :

    When grass goes to seed, it’s done and it dies. You have to mow before it goes to seed. In nature, animals clip the grass down by grazing, grass is used to this.

  4. STLCardsfanatic said :

    It keeps your grass nice and short that is the only benefit I know about.

  5. silverrubberband689 said :

    Just mow the lawn, one summer i didn’t do it and it was about waist high, and their were dead animals and shit, all over the yard, making it stink.

  6. Jethie said :

    Grass needs moving to keep the place looking neat and tidy. otherwise you would be knee deep in it. It is a good idea that after three mows you leave the cuttings on the lawn as that will renourish the lawn. Buy some lawn food.
    Will not harm anything.

  7. Brenda K said :

    If you don’t mow, a neighbor will turn you in to the city and they will send someone out to do it and charge you nicely!

  8. Wallace Caminita said :

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  9. Manuel Hedberg said :

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  10. Antonio Farrelly said :

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