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How do get rid of Aphids ?

Aphids are tiny, vicious insects that love to feed on rose buds during the early days of spring. Hibiscus flowers can also be their possible victims. Aphid infestation wreaks havoc on the roses’ first blooms, and, in the process, on the sanity of passionate gardeners as well. However, there are a various ways to get rid of aphids forever, and most of these methods are actually quite simple.

Aphids are generally short-lived – they only last for a month. They don’t leave lasting traces on your flowers, which means that even though your first blooms might be ugly, you can have beautiful blooms all throughout the summer. Roses that have not been properly maintained can easily succumb to aphid infestation, so one of the best ways to prevent that is to keep your roses healthy and watered.

Some choose to go on the offensive by spraying the insects with pesticides that contain malathion. However, this compound is quite toxic, not only to harmful creatures such as aphids, but helpful ones such as birds, moths, and bees that help in pollination. Using pesticides is definitely an alternative, but there are far safer ways to defeat aphids.

Spraying eucalyptus oil directly onto your rosebuds can reduce aphid infestation. Not only does it kill aphids, it also prevents their appearance in the first place. Rubbing garlic cloves on the buds will also prevent aphids from eating them. You can also make your own pesticide by combining water, dishwashing soap, and oil and spraying this mixture onto your plants.

You can also use aphids’ natural enemy: ladybugs. These insects can be purchased in any gardening store during spring. Ladybugs literally make minced meat out of aphids, and if they stay on an aphid-infested bloom long enough, they can remove these insects naturally. Note that ladybugs only stay on the plant for a long period of time when they are released after sunset. Children are also quite fond of the harmless ladybug, so you can keep your roses alive and your children entertained all in one shot.

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