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How do you prevent getting your new coloured shirts from staining the other shirts while washing them?

Cos you still have to dump them all -new and old shirts- in the washing machine then.

I always get stripy stains/colours on my white or bright shirts.

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22 Responses to “How do you prevent getting your new coloured shirts from staining the other shirts while washing them?”

  1. Gabby said :

    wash them in cold water
    or you can just wash your new shirt seperately.

  2. Stuart said :

    Here’s a thought: wash the new ones seperately.

  3. none said :

    spit on them

  4. Tally said :

    Wash in cold water.
    Put coloured shirts that run with dark colours

  5. command9898 said :

    wash seperately

  6. dar said :

    are you dumb? wash with LIKE COLORS. duh.

  7. Adam said :

    You can use Shout’s Color Catcher sheets. I do and they work quite well. They come out different colors even with old shirts.

  8. alex3179031790 said :

    I think you can put them in an old pillow case? not 100% sure though, just an idea. However make sure that you seal the end of the pillow case if you do try it

  9. Nicole said :

    I always hand wash brightly or boldly colored shirts before putting them in with like colors. this allows for the dye to run out and be much less when in the wash with the others. try using cold water too, this might help

  10. sami s said :

    you wash the by their selves…

  11. big bear said :

    yeah just ahhhh ahhhh wash them seperate and if you dont want to do that then oyur too cheap too have nice things

  12. jammer said :

    Always wash your brightly coloured clothing separate from your white clothing, that way your whites will not come out multi stained and grey.

  13. Nibblet said :

    you need to wash the same colors together. So, lets say the new ones are red. Then you would have to wash them with clothing that is in reds… if the new shirt is blue, then you would wash it with blues… if the new shirt is multicolored, you must wash it by itself the first time, so it does not bleed on other clothing when you wash it… the directions should be on the tag on the new shirt.

  14. redtram said :

    seperate colours and whites, and with new clothes wash them seperately the first time, cause thats when the dye runs the most.

  15. TAG said :

    if you soak them in a bucket of water with 1 cup of salt this sets the color then wash. we do this to set the dye when tiedying it works

  16. know-it-all said :

    Sort your laundry..Read the tags. Wash light colors together and brighter colors separate. I also think there is a product that helps prevent colors from bleeding although I have never used it and can’t think of the name

  17. kuanyinn said :

    I would wash them sepaerately for the first few times you wash them; my mother also said to use cold water and add a little bit of vinegar to the wash water its supposed to help set the colors.

  18. cassie said :

    well, wash colors separate to white, and was dark separate to light. This will help.
    And when you get a new t-shirt, wash it in cold water (just a rinse) before you put it in with other clothes, this will was of excess color(and no, it won’t wash out the color or make it fade)

  19. Inez said :

    Try using cold wash/ cold rinse and using a milder detergent like Woolite. Maybe separate your colors in sub categories. Or washing all your new color shirts separately first, than after the first time you wear them than mix them with the old ones.

  20. george m said :


  21. driven crazy said :

    try washing your new clothes separately in normal water(it’s best to hand wash and see) and if they run colour , wash them separately(hand wash) them.don’t wash them in the washing machine because there might be colour stains in the sides which can stain your other clothes.

  22. Donna L said :

    Wash your new shirts separate the first time so the color won’t bleed to the others. Maybe an exception is to wash new Blue Jeans with your old ones and the blue dye will make your old ones bluer.


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