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How do you increase gardening skill on the sims 3?

i made bella goth harvest the death plant from the graveyard but it says she needs a level 7 gardening skill to plant it, how do you increase gardening skill to be able to do so?

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4 Responses to “How do you increase gardening skill on the sims 3?”

  1. Wiggy said :

    Buy a hydroponics kit and grow your own!

  2. Paul said :

    Grow your own and read books and attend any classes

  3. DW said :

    Go to gardening class, grow your own garden, reading the gardening books, and watching the gardening channel too.

  4. Ilikepie said :

    go to grocery store by a fruit or vegatble and you find it in inventory click on it and click plant and by more fruits and veggies and water and plant them and that increases gardening skill. You can also go to the science place but you can only take a skill class once or twice. You could read some gardening books and if your tight on cash and don’t want to use cheats just go to the library.


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