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how do you fix a lawn that has been damaged by evergreen trees?

I recently bought a house with many mature pine trees of several varieties (spruce and ceder mostly). However the lawn under the trees is non-existent, not just dead, totally gone. The lawn is fine in the rest of the space, just dead under the evergreens. what should I do to fix the soil and replant so that the bare patches are gone?
PS, I have already cleared away the dead needles so its just bare dirt now.

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5 Responses to “how do you fix a lawn that has been damaged by evergreen trees?”

  1. saaanen said :

    You can’t. The pine needles will continue to fall, and cause an acidic environment. Go to a garden center and ask them what to use. There are many ground covers that grow in shady, acidic environments. I’m thinking pachysandra

  2. Dave said :

    It’s going to be very hard, your lawn is most likely extremely acidic from all of the needles falling. The only thing would be to actually be to remove the tree’s in whole. If you’re not going to cut them, then you’re going to just have bare spots underneath the trees. For the areas that you do have the needles cleared away from you’re going to have to work up the ground and re-plant your grass seeds. You will probably have problems when the needles will continue to fall but that is my best advice for you and it’s really up to you and how you want your lawn to look and what actions you will take.

  3. grannygrunt28391 said :

    The only way to fix it is to cut the trees down. It’s a tough choice. You can buy landscape stones and build a circle under the tree to the drip edge and put mulch around it. That would hide the bare spots .
    PS cedar trees are very unsightly. I have only 1 left.

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