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How do value my gardening business? is it worth anything?

I have been runnng a gardeing business for the last three years and am now thinking about moving on. to i have the potential to sell it? i have a good customer base, but my profits have never been great due to my own failings. however the potential to earn is there for the person with the right attitude. How do i go about putting a price on it?

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2 Responses to “How do value my gardening business? is it worth anything?”

  1. roddy said :

    Your business is worth the value of the assets plus 10% of the annual turnover. Goodwill can be added for your regular customers

  2. Rus said :

    A fair way to value a company is to vale it at 5 years of profit. So, value it at the higher of worth of assets + 10% or 5 years profit.


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