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How do I stop my washing from jumping about?

Whenever I use it, and it gets to the really fast part, it just jumps about and moves around the kitchen. It isn’t under any worktop or anything so it has a lot of room.

How can I stop this happening?

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7 Responses to “How do I stop my washing from jumping about?”

  1. duckfish said :

    level it.

  2. Pamela B said :

    Sounds like it either needs to be leveled or you are putting to many clothes in at a time and it is causing it to get off balance. When it does that just rearrange the clothes in the washer it should help. Also don’t put as many clothes in a one time.

  3. lucky6 said :

    Make sure you distribute the clothes evenly. The washer sounds like it’s out of balance, and it can damage the machine. Also, if there are some heavier items and some lighter items, don’t put the heavy ones on one side and the light one on another side, make sure the heavy ones are distributed all around, and the light one are too.

  4. LEELOisthename said :

    I used to have that same problem. I found out that it is from the washing machine being off balance. When you put clothes inside to wash, make sure that you spread them around evenly. When the washing machine does the spin cycle it won’t be moving all around because the clothes are evenly placed and balanced inside.

  5. Mike G said :

    Level it.

  6. Bonnie C said :

    sounds like you need to level your washer

  7. Lara C said :

    When this used to happen to us, we would just go sit on it. It would stop it from jumping around!


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