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How do I sharpen my lawn mower blades ?

In the Midwest, there has always been long rainy days. This means that with all the rain, grass will be longer and you can get ahead of it by sharpening your lawn mower blades. Sharpening the blades of a lawn mower is a very easy task, all you need is a vice or clamp, sharpening stone, grinder drill bit and of course, the lawn mower blade.

It really does not matter if you have a cheap lawn mower, a ride on mower, a walk-behind lawn mower or a commercial tractor. The first thing is to think safety; turn off your lawn mower or disconnect the lawn mower’s spark plug to prevent possible hazards. Check your manufacturer’s manual if you do not know how to find the exact location of the device’s spark plug.

Have your tools ready and remove the blade from the bottom of the lawn mower. If the blade of your lawn mower has gotten rusty due to the years of use and you find it hard to remove, apply some WD40 or a different kind of lubricant to have the blade removed.

You can use a clamp or a vise to get a better hold on the blade to your workbench and run your file on the blade with only one direction of stroke with the blade’s grain. If hardworking is not one of your strong suits you can also use grinder bit to sharpen your lawn mower blade. A grinder bit locks into the end of the drill. You should sharpen your lawn mower blade with a file, stone or with a grinder bit every four to six months to maintain your grass’s health and to lessen splitting.

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