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How do I repair the cracks on my Walls ?

Cracks come with age – not just on the face or on furniture, but also on the walls, no matter what material it was made from. But these need not be hard to remedy. You can do it yourself using a few tools and some simple instructions. Cracks are often caused by the usual wear and tear of the weather, a minor earthquake, or accidental bumping with furniture. While cracks are usually repaired in order to make it more presentable, some cracks need to be fixed so as not to lead to anything more dangerous.

First, you would have to know what type of wall you have. Is it plaster? Is it drywall, or sometimes referred to as wallboard, sheetrock, or plasterboard? Even if these were formed through different processes, they share the same method of repair.

Cracks in plaster are usually caused by moisture that warps the lathe board that holds the studs or nails in place. If you have a warped lathe board, the best thing to do is to put it back by hammering nails into the lathe board and the plaster. Very small cracks can then be repaired by plaster paste, which can be bought in premixed or powder forms in any home store. Use a putty knife to fill the small cracks with some of the paste. When the paste dries, sand off the excess and paint over the crack.

For drywall repairs, you need to follow more or less the same procedure. However, you may need to use another material or putty to fill in the cracks. Drywalls are also more resistant to possible damage by sanding, so don’t hesitate to sand it over for a second time if you were not satisfied with the first.

In case of larger cracks, you may need to clear it of debris before putting on the paste. Use a utility knife to carve a trench that is a bit larger than the crack then brush it using a paintbrush to dislodge dirt and dust. For very wide cracks, you will need to purchase a joint tape, or a mesh tape or patching tape, to cover the crack adequately. Paste should be applied by a wide putty knife in diagonal strokes perpendicular to the cracks. In case these reappear, or give birth to more cracks, you may need to call a professional to assess the structural integrity of your house.

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