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How do I keep a shower clean ?

The film left behind your tub walls and shower once you’ve finished bathing is called soap scum. It is quite hard to remove because it’s made up of soap, body oils and minerals. You can notice the stain with a visible gray ring or film around your tub walls. The issue is that people tend not to notice the stain until the soap scum is already stuck hard and difficult to remove. You can remove soap scum in your tubs by following these tips.

Of course, unlike most problems, soap scum is best tackled as soon as possible. After taking a bath, you can use a sponge or a cloth to with out the entire area down. If you do this before the soap scum sticks to the tub wall, you can easily remove it due to less build-up. You prevent mildew creeping on your bathroom if you keep it dry. Most uses car or furniture wax to avoid soap scum build-up. However, be reminded not to apply any slippery elements in your bathtub floors.

You can also create you own solution to spay on your tub walls to remove soap scum build-up. Mist one part of ammonia and to part water, this solution rivals the product on the market for removing soap scum. Spray your solution and wipe you tiles. Another solution is warmed vinegar; you can use a microwave or place it in a pan and heat, transfer the vinegar into a spray bottle and apply on to the soap scum in your tub walls.

Baking soda mixed with water creates a gritty paste, which you can use to scrub your tile. All you have to do is rub it on the soap scum, leave it for 30 minutes, and remove it with a sponge. Dryer sheet can also be used to remove soap scum. If these simple methods did not solve your problem, you can ask for you best product in the market to do the task.

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