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How do I grow a new lawn from scratch?

Right now I have no lawn, just dirt in my backyard where the lawn should be. How can I plant a new lawn from scratch and what materials do I need?

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7 Responses to “How do I grow a new lawn from scratch?”

  1. Jay H said :


  2. Chunky Char said :

    i’d suggest some type of tiller..youll need water and seeds…and sun..

  3. BZR said :

    Well, the easiest way would be to order some sod and lay it out in your yard. You need to make sure the dirt is free of rocks and stuff and then walk over / water / fertilize the sod to make sure it takes.

    Alternately you can get grass seeds at a local garden store. There are a lot of different lawn mixes besides St Augustine if you look. I’m sure different varieties need different care but in general you should be able to just scatter seeds, water at intervals, and wait for your lawn to come in. Of course you’ll have to watch out for weeds and dry spots just as you would normally.

  4. sweetangel13_4_u said :

    first you go get grass seed with as little riy grass in it than you get an aire8ter you poke holes in it than put the grass seeds ou and watter it every night or in the morning or you can go to a lown place and uy grass in a rool or in squares and place it out where you need grass

  5. bull said :

    i did lawn restorations for a living first u need to have soil tested to see what nutriants it could be needing or not needing then fertilize the area with a good seed starter fert then seed rake the seed into the soil if ground is hard you will need to break it up or put a coating of good topsoil down first over the top for best germination keep the seed wet till it starts to germinated dont water were seed is washing away if you put down top soil first then fertilizer and seed for best results make sure u litly rake it into soil or birds will eat it all

  6. Connie G said :

    I live in the desert and here’s what worked for me. I used my rake to loosen the top soil, raked it some more, then raked in lawn fertilizer. I wetted that down and let the raked dirt sit for a few days.

    Then I raked the dirt loose again, sprinkled my grass seeds over the freshly raked dirt, raked again, watered the seeds and dirt. I watered every day (grass seed needs warm, moist soil to germinate) and waited a week or two.

    Then grass began to sprout and I was better able to see where the bald spots where. That’s where I added more grass seeds.

    Weeds will always sprout up no matter what lawn you have. So now I pull a few weeds every day to maintain a nice lawn.

  7. tholeeder said :

    what type of soil do you have,is it red clay or rich black,hard pan ,or loose,if you have red clay or hard pan you will need to mix in some compost,to keep it from packing down………plenty of rain? or drought ? if drought you will need to run that sprinkler almost continuous ,sunny or shade buy a mixture or blend with both kinds of seeds………………tom


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