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How do I get rid of lawn pests and insects ?

There are varieties of insect that can curse the beautiful lush green of your lawn. The main sign of insect bugs or worms in your lawn are the patches of brown grass. You need to know what pest specifically caused this plague before you apply the remedy to be sure it works. Not all insecticide works on every insect or bug problem.

Getting rid of your lawn insects and pests is a very easy task; all you need is to have soap, water, lawn treatments and a keen eye. You can start by flushing the little critters out where they are visible. You can do this by making soap and water solution. The soap needed is just the same amount you use in washing your dishes. If you are not sure about the type of bug you have, you can get a few and take a little trip in the nearest home improvement store in your place.

The timing for the treatment goes with the right plan to avoid over kill. You might kill the good bugs that keep your lawn healthy as well if you go overboard. Most of the time all it takes is soap and water solution application across the yard and sometimes with a little help of insecticide to kill the pests. Make sure to double check the instructions regarding the application of any chemical.

You can also use organic, homemade or any commercial pesticides. In the application, be sure to walk backward from the area you already spayed the chemical on to avoid intake. And for additional safety, cover your shoes before the process of application to prevent carrying the chemical inside the house that may harm pets and children.

Keep on checking your lawn and back off if needed. It is much easier to treat for eggs and larva that killing a full-grown adult bugs so do not give them any time to grow. With Lady Luck on our side, we will be running barefoot in our lawn’s beautiful lush green in no time.

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