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How do I get rid of bats in my house ?

A horror movie can be scarier if it has bats in it. Bats are actually mammals that we can benefit from for they consume large numbers of insects, mainly mosquitoes. However, bats can also transmit diseases. Besides making a horror movie scarier, this is the main reason why we do not want them living in our home. In many places, there are laws regarding harming bats so getting rid of them is quite a problem. If you want your house to be bat-free, you will need an excluder, stapler, caulk, cement, steel wool, and screen cutter. With these tools, follow the steps provided to make sure bats has no way to enter in your living space.

First, find the bats’ roosting place and look for their means of entry like under shutters, sidings, chimney, roof tiles, and commonly through chimney. Do not underestimate these little critters for they can fit in as small as a quarter inch hole. Now, wait until dusk and see where they are coming from.

Check for all the openings in your place that they can enter and place excluders over it. These devices draw bats out in the opening and stop them from reentering. Excluders are made of stapled window screen pieces over the hole that allows the bats to push and exit.

Leave the excluders for one to two weeks for all the bats to come out to make sure that all of them are out. Once they are all out, shut the openings with cement, caulk or steel wool to prevent them from coming back. If you have time, since we do benefit from bats anyways, you can make a place for them to stay where they cannot intrude with you and your family.

Always remember that bats are potential disease carriers, so wear something protective if you want to handle it or do not bare-handedly shoo them away at all. If you are bitten, try trapping the bat and go to a doctor along with it for rabies examination.

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