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How do I get crayon out of my sofa fabric?

I babysit a two year old who managed to find an aqua colored crayon and mark on my off white sofa with it a couple of times before I saw her. How do I get these lines out of the fabric on my sofa? It is on the side area that cannot just be removed like if it was on a cushion cover. If that were the case, I could just remove it, treat it and put it back on. I am stumped. HELP! It is not totally obvious, but it sticks out like a sore thumb to me.
Thank you for your suggestions.

This isn’t a microfiber type material or anything, not leather, just an older sectional.

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6 Responses to “How do I get crayon out of my sofa fabric?”

  1. Janna said :

    Wax dissolving solution, crayons are wax

  2. DME B said :

    Iron over a thin cotton cloth. The crayon will stick to the cloth.

    Oxyclean may work too.

  3. bobsdidi said :

    I would say lay a piece of napkin on the spot and use an iron to get it out but I think that might leave a oil mark….I would agree with the first answer, a crayon remover….maybe a magic eraser!

  4. claude's wife said :

    what kind of crayon did you have? now crayons are washables. HELLO. I have a two year old crayon crazy, I got it all out

  5. Why cant i read my daily Emails? said :

    Steam iron it through a cotton handkerchief or a tea towel, however the tea towel might be thicker than the handkerchief, so it might take a little longer to do.
    keep your fingers well away from the hot steam though.

  6. freeatlast14 said :

    Here is a great website for all kinds of crayola stains……this link is for regular crayons


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