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How do I center photos and paintings on the wall ?

Portraits on the wall add up in beautifying your home besides, honoring your family and friends. However, some of us find it hard to display them properly. You can achieve your desired result and proudly present your project by making some effort and spending some time planning and organizing your art. To properly center painting and photos on the wall, you will need picture frames, nails, pencil, tape measure and a hammer.

You can start by picking the photos you want and framing them. Remember to use frames with similarities in design and color, make sure to put matching frames in a certain room or wall. Then, lay down all your frames and place your photos on top to visualize if the photo matches the frames along with the frames colors and designs. If you have many photo sizes, try to visualize where they will look good by placing in different positions.

Next, take measurements of the wall to know where the center point is, you can do this by measuring the height and width. If you are planning to hang your photos or painting on top of a certain object like a sofa or a television, take measurement only to the space of the wall uncovered and get the center. Mark the center with a pencil or any erasable marker. The photos that you want to hang should be measured as well. To install the brackets or nails properly, measure the distance of the first frame from its center point to the center point of the other frame you are planning to hang next to it. Remember to use the center hanging bracket as your starting point.

Now, the fun part, start hanging your photos and walk away after doing so to see if you like the arrangement you made. If you see imperfections or unevenness on the frames’ position, you can do some adjustments by taking the frame off the wall and placing another nail. Make sure not to hit any wirings inside the wall when you put nails to hang your photos.

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