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How do I build a mini greenhouse ?

A greenhouse is a great way to extend your gardening season even in fall, but building a huge greenhouse can be quite expensive. If you want an inexpensive way to start gardening before spring that you can do in an hour, a mini greenhouse would fit your needs.

In making a mini greenhouse, you would need a hacksaw, mallet, scissors, bricks, plastic sheeting (or shade cloth), an 18-feet flexible PVC and six 2-foot long 3/8-inch rebar stakes. The first step is to install the rebar stakes to support the greenhouse, placing one stake in each corner of the bed. You can use a mallet in hammering the stakes about 18 inches into the ground.

To create the hoops, you can choose a PVC or copper tubing. Cut the material of your choice into three 6-foot long portions by using a hacksaw. The hoops are made by sliding one end of the tubing  over one of the stakes, then arching the copper tubing over the bed and slipping the other end over the stake on the other side. Use this step until three of the hoops are made.

After keeping the hoops in place, get your choice of frame cover, either the clear plastic or the cover cloth. Clear plastics are more ideal in the spring and fall since it could hold more solar energy, promoting the air inside the greenhouse to increase heat up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, a cover cloth is more recommended in midsummer because it helps in growing crops that require cooler temperatures. Drape the cover cloth or plastic over the hoops. Make sure to cut it, so it would fit perfectly.

To weigh down the edges, you can easily place rocks or bricks. If you’re living in a windy area, it may be best to clip or staple the plastic to the hoops with row cover clips or large binder clips.

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