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How do I bring back a plant sprayed with plant vinegar?

I purchased a plant vinegar spray to get rid of bugs and mixed it with water, the ants and bugs are gone however the bush is almost dead too, leaves are dried and wilted. I use miracle grow this morning. Will it revive?
I failed to mention this is a Navajo blackberry bush, from reading blackberries are hard to get rid of, will it survive?

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8 Responses to “How do I bring back a plant sprayed with plant vinegar?”

  1. Marcus said :

    You don’t it is going to have to be dead forever.

  2. strangedays3 said :

    I’m not sure that you can. Vinegar is a non-selective natural weed killer. Non-selective means, it will kill what ever it touches. It makes the soil of the plant to acidic and dries out the leaves. Apple cider may have worked better for you. The problem with using vinegar from what I understand is the soil acidity, you could try to revive your plant by putting it in fresh soil. 🙂

  3. plant man said :

    vinegar may kill enire plant, cut off dead branches and wait and see. if u sparyed too much its dead. next time u spray cover shrub with a plastic tarp to protect plant just in case. i would not pull the srub out and stress it out more.

  4. Mathew W said :

    Miracle grow won’t really help at this point. The vinegar’s purpose is not to kill bugs, but to kill weeds by burning their leaves off.

    The vinegar breaks down pretty quickly in the soil, so the bush probably has some life left in the roots. Wait a few weeks, then trim the wood that is completely dead, see if new leaves spring up.

    The plant needs fertilizer in proportion to the number of growing leaves- small leaves need small fertilizer.

  5. patty w said :

    water….lots and lots of water to dilute the vinegar…

  6. lovinthe88 said :

    Depends if the plant is dead or mostly dead.

    Vinegar is an herbicide and used to spot kill weeds so it may not come back anyway.

    But, to try, wash the plant well with water. All of the plant.

    WATER the plant extremely well. You might even add a bit of horticultural soap to the water to counteract the acid of the vinegar.

    Then you can use a product called Plant Wash made by Soilmender and see if that will bring your bush back.

    Good luck.

  7. Ishtar said :

    You used the wrong thing – vinegar is to kill plants like weeds, not bugs. Even if the plant manages to survive the vinegar, using Miracle Grow may shock it more. Without knowing the type of plant, how big it is, and how thoroughly affected it is, I couldn’t say if it will survive or not. If it does recover, next time use an insecticidal soap spray to get rid of bugs, and a gentle foliar fertilizer like a fish emulsion to feed the plant.

  8. Martha Z said :

    if you actually bought plant vinegar (10-20% acidity), the kiss your plant goodbye. but, if you bought the 5% acidity stuff at the grocery store, the plant should come back. give it plenty of water.


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