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How do I adjust the switch on a ceiling fan to suck the hot air out of my home?

I have a ceiling fan in my garage and want to adjust it to take the hot air out. Hey, I’m a female……..need help………thanks!

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7 Responses to “How do I adjust the switch on a ceiling fan to suck the hot air out of my home?”

  1. glenn t said :

    Get a small step ladder and you will see a small switch usually located upper base which moves horizonatally back and forth. By moving it in opposite direction it will pull air up from the floor instead of shoving it down. Try it, youll like it.

  2. jack-o-trades said :

    sucking air out of the room is not done with the switch. the switch is for speed control. to suck the air rather than blow you have to change the blade position.

  3. skydvtmj said :

    There should be a switch on the side of the fan that toggles between moving the fan clock-wise and counter clock-wise. Depending on the pitch of the fan blades you want them to rotate in the direction that will pull hot air up. Most of the time this will be counter clock-wise. Not sure if a ceiling fan will really do what you’re wanting, an attic or whole house fan is for this proposes.

  4. Dawn M said :

    If your fan has a switch on it (usually above the blades on the motor housing) an easy way to remember which way it needs to be is—heat up/means put the switch up in the winter—cool down/ means put the switch down in the summer. Of course this is in the house where you run a heater or conditioner and you want the air to circulate to the best advantage, I’m not sure if it will help much in the garage.

  5. OrakTheBold said :

    A ceiling fan only circulates the air in a room; it does not add or remove air or heat.

    To remove the heat from your home, you will need an exhaust fan, and a make-up air vent. If you have an old home (over 25 years), the make up air will come in through leaks under doors, windows, and electrical outlets. If you have a newer energy efficient home, you will need to cut a hole in the wall and put in a filter, or open a window or door.

    To remove the heat, the exhaust fan should be at the highest point in your home, and the air outside should be colder than the air at this highest point. If it is not, you are just circulating fresh hot air, which is OK, but you aren’t going to get a cooling effect.

    If you don’t want to permanently install a fan, you can get a window fan and install it on the sunny side of your house, pointing out. Open a window on the shady side of your house, turn on the fan, and the warmer air will be drawn out, cooler air will come in.

  6. Greg A said :

    On the fan itself there should be a pull switch to turn on and off the light fixture that is under the fan, and on the opposite side of the pull switch is a slide switch. That switch will change the direction of the blades. One way will draw the air down to warm up the room, and the other way will pull the air up to cool down the room. Good Luck it really is simple.

  7. Marc A said :

    I totally support “OrakTheBold”. A ceiling fan can works to fan air downwards in the correct rotation. It cant cool or ventilate your room. to remove heat from your from your room or home, you can install whole house fan, the perfect choice to cool you and yor room both at a time. Even it saves your energy means electricity bills and money.


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