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How do I adjust PH level in my soil ?

There are plants the need a certain ph level of soil to grow in. Your soil may be fertile, dark and rich, but it will all go to waste if the ph level is too high or too low for your plants. If you are planning to grow a certain plant, check if your soil is too basic or acidic. If it is, some adjustments on your soil’s ph level will be necessary.

It is very easy to balance your soil ph level, al you need is sulfur, lime, and soil testing kit. You can start by getting some soil sample, checking for your soils current ph level determines the adjustments you need to make. To get the best soil sample, dig between four to eight inches and get your sample soil there. Test it with your soil testing kit or visit a garden center along with your sample to have it tested if you do not have the kit.

The adjustment of your soil’s ph level depends on the test result. If you have a very acidic soil, you can add sulfur to balance the ph level and add lime, if it is too loamy or basic. Of course, the percentage of compound you will to your soil is also vital. One square yard of soil needs four ounces of lime to reach a ph level to one and the ph level will drop to one with five or six ounces of sulfur.

Present the compounds to your soil; make sure to evenly spread the compounds to gain a proportion amount. You can use a shovel or a spreader in distributing the sulfur or the lime. Plow your garden soil to mix the compounds to the soil where plants grow their roots. Do some more testing after two weeks and another after a month for you to determine if you needed further adjustments in your soil’s ph level.

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