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How can I use glass as Interior Décor in my home?

Putting glass inside your home is an easy and inexpensive way to add a bit of elegance into your home. Glass may come in simple designs or more ornate ones, and the many different choices will ensure that you will find the right one to suit your taste. Glass jars, shelves, tables, candlesticks, canisters, or vases can be bought to add some décor into your room.

Replacing your drab, ordinary canisters with glass ones inside the kitchen will definitely make an impact. Imagine rows and rows of glass canisters, each containing a different type of food, all lined up on your kitchen counter. This will add color to your kitchen and it will also make it easy for you to identify what is inside each one.

Your kitchen cabinet doors can also be replaced with glass ones, all at a very affordable price. Not only does it give your kitchen an airier atmosphere, it will also provide an opportunity for you to display your favorite pottery designs and glassware. Glass plates and even a glass cutting board will add some beauty in your kitchen, and they are all easy to clean as well.

You can also put in glass tables for your kitchen or dining room, but make sure that you clean them constantly, especially if they are near doors or windows. Sunlight coming in through these openings may reveal even the slightest stain on your tabletop. You can also invest in glass bowls, where you can put water and tea candles or flowers for a beautiful centerpiece.

As compared to opaque ceramic vases, clear glass vases can reveal the green stems of a bouquet of flowers. This, contrasted sharply with the color of your flowers, can make a striking statement to anyone who will gaze on it. Glass has many different uses, most notable of which are ease in locating certain items, and the special quality of additional beauty inside your home.

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