How can I reuse plastic grocery bags ?

As we know, plastic grocery bags cannot be recycled, so, concerns are growing regarding the use of it. You can return them on some grocery stores for recycling, but there are other ways of reusing it. The simplest solution is not to use them at all, but it does not solve anything. Some grocery stores sell reusable bags made of cloth or materials that can be recycled but you have to remember bringing them back during your next visit.

There are many uses for grocery bags especially at home. It is perfect for your pet’s waste, but you can only use it once. Used plastic grocery bags are also great garbage can liners, since most of us line it with plastic bags. Plastic garbage bags can be a used in storing magazines, child’s craft materials or other unused home items and covering your plant from pests.

Outdoors, plastic grocery bags can be of great use. It can serve as your garbage bag in the car or bringing supplies on you camping trips. You can also bring them in pools for your wet towels. Your kids can use plastic grocery bags in collecting candies in Halloween instead of buying a new one.

There are many ways that we can use plastic grocery bags creatively. You can turn it into art or for storing household items. You can cut plastic bags to strips and weave it to have a two-ply bag that can be used to hold heavier things. If you want to make something from plastic bags by burning them, make sure to wear a mask since this process produces toxic fumes.

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